The Hickory Alpine Club Vision

Hickory-Alpine-Club-Full-Color-(2)-500-pixThose who have been fortunate enough to “Ski the Legend” know that Hickory is a different type of ski hill. Hickory is a special ski area where a passionate community gathers to experience the sport in its purest form. Generations of families have skied here, cut the mountain’s trails and volunteered on its board of directors. Vintage surface lifts are the only way uphill and the ride up is often as fun as the slide down. Uncluttered, unhurried and unabashedly unsophisticated, Hickory is skiing the way it’s meant to be. Sponsored by Hickory Ski Center, the Hickory Alpine Club is Hickory’s plan for saving this historic ski hill.

The key to Hickory’s sustainability is snowmaking. Hickory operates currently only when Mother Nature allows. A snowmaking system is necessary to cover a portion of the mountain and ensure consistent operations. However, the system will be carefully designed not cover all of the mountain, leaving a sizeable portion of Hickory’s famous natural snow trails unaltered. Of course, installing and operating a snowmaking system comes with a cost. Hickory needs your help to make this crucial step towards sustainability.

The club aims to recruit several hundred members from the local community and across the Northeast. The main benefit of membership will be access to a four season on-mountain alpine club. Club dues will directly support the operation of the resort and service debt incurred by the resort to install a snowmaking system. Several tiers of membership will be available. Some membership classes will offer a lifetime ski pass in exchange for an initiation fee which will help fund a limited snowmaking system.

The Hickory Alpine Club is for real skiers who are passionate about saving a real mountain. The club intends to recruit enough members over a two-year period to construct a handful of cabins and a simple, European-inspired clubhouse at the base of the mountain. Much like the ski clubs built at the base of Mad River Glen in the 1950’s, the Hickory Alpine Club’s clubhouse and cabins will have a number of rooms to allow a sizable portion of the membership to stay overnight. The club will expand upon the camaraderie that is already at the core of the Hickory experience.

Joining the Hickory Alpine Club is a way to preserve an historic ski hill, but the club will also be a tremendous value for its members. Great experiences don’t have to be expensive. With the simple yet elegant alpine clubs of Europe as a guide, the Hickory Alpine Club will provide an affordable on mountain experience for families and friends without sacrificing on quality. Of course, great skiing is part of that experience as well. At just 20 minutes from Gore Mountain, members have the option of skiing two of the best ski resorts in the Northeast. However, even when skiing at Gore, Hickory Alpine Club members can be proud of supporting Hickory with their dues and by sleeping at Hickory. Upstate, downstate, or anywhere in the world, if you’re part of the community that loves Hickory, the Hickory Alpine Club wants you.

Membership Benefits

Being a part of Hickory is more than membership, its a legacy.

Unique Experiences

Skiing used to be a sport about relationships, between people and between skiers and their home hill. Make Hickory your home mountain and find out what it means to love a mountain that will love you back. Members of the Hickory Alpine Club will have access to unique on-mountain facilities (lodging and a clubhouse) that reward members for supporting this historic ski hill.


Stay on the mountain in cozy family cottages or in the club’s lodge. Inspired by the great alpine clubs of Europe, the club’s cottages and unique lodge will emulate the simple, high alpine huts and lodges of the Alps. Elegant and simple concepts borrowed from skiing's Golden Age help make skiing affordable and more enjoyable.

Biggest Skiing in NY

Members of Hickory Alpine Club can ski at Gore Mountain just 20 minutes up the road. Combined Hickory and Gore offer a staggering 3,757 feet of vertical drop! At around 3 hours from New York City and Boston metro areas, the club will provide an experience a world away close to home.

Lifetime Season Pass

Membership helps to ensure Hickory's long term viability by funding snowmaking. Members will have the opportunity to purchase lifetime season passes, the proceeds from which will go directly to fund the installation of a snowmaking system. Full family members will receive one free lifetime pass included with their initiation fee.

First Tracks

Hickory is known for its epic Saturday powder days. Closed from Monday through Friday, midweek snow collects for weekend freshies and members will get first crack on all that snow with early morning first tracks privileges on a portion of the mountain.

National Benefits

Enjoy dozens of other features like 24 hour global concierge, road side rescue, national shopping savings and dozens more premium membership benefits.





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